Brick Grab


At Hayward Transport Ltd, we are well equipped to handle not only the logistics and transport of bricks, but the safe unloading at your site.

The vehicles we use for brick and concrete block transport and unloading are specially equipped with a brick or block grab. This is the perfect tool for moving bricks and blocks off the truck onto your site. Not only do we deliver to big construction sites, you will also often find our vehicles delivering bricks to homes for DIY building projects. The brick grab lifting arm has a reach of about 10 metres so we can place your bricks just where you need them.


All our drivers and operators are qualified to ALLMI standards and our fleet of vehicles comply with all relevant legislation. Whatever type of brick you need to deliver, we have the right solution for you, whether its bricks, blocks or palletised tiles.

Our drivers complete over 20,000 deliveries annually and the number keeps rising. They are experienced and trained to assess any risks each job may introduce. Our goal is to not only deliver your bricks on time, but to do it safely too.



Our experience in the industry tells us nothing beats clear, open and professional conversation. Give us a call to talk about your project, and we will give you the best price possible. Whether it’s for a one off delivery or looking to set up something for the long term, we are here to help.