Landscaping and Building Supply Deliveries


If the size of the job you are working on is big, there is no way getting around ordering mulch, compost, turf and other materials in bulk. In such cases, you need Hayward Transport Ltd to make light work of a big job.


The brick grab is ideal when delivering paving bricks or slabs because it can grab the pallets and lift them off the truck. The operator can then manoeuvre the arm to set down the bricks where you want them. Reach restrictions for the crane arm apply, as well as the ability to reach over fences.


For other loads such as jumbo bags of landscaping material, the hook may be a better solution. The hook attachment fixes to the end of the crane arm. The operator will use lifting ropes to ensure the load is secure, before hooking it up and moving it.

Some of the landscaping material we deliver on a regular basis include the following:

    • Paving Bricks And Blocks.
    • Rolls Of Natural Or Artificial Turf.
    • Jumbo Bags Of Decorative Stone And Aggregates.
    • Bulk Mulch, Bark, Topsoil And Manure.
    • Wooden And Concrete Fencing Supplies.


Our Building Supplies Delivery Services Is Second To None. We Have Successfully Retained Our Contract With One Of The Uk’S Leading Building Materials Supplies Company Because Of Our Work Ethic.


The service is designed to overcome the following challenges:

    • Space Constraints And Site Access Issues.
    • Building Site Obstacles, Walls Etc.
    • Weight And Bulkiness Of Material.
    • Vehicle Manoeuvrability.

Once we know your type of load, we will assign the most suitable vehicle equipped with either a grab or hook attachment. We can deliver most items up to 1300 KGs in a single lift.


Examples of the material we routinely deliver for our clients include the following:

    • Bricks And Cement Blocks.
    • Decorative Landscaping Stones.
    • Decking And Roofing Timbers.
    • Paving Stones.
    • Bulk Landscaping Material Such As Barks, Compost And Manure.
    • Jumbo Sacks Of Aggregates And Other Materials.


Our experience in the industry tells us nothing beats clear, open and professional conversation. Give us a call to talk about your project, and we will give you the best price possible. Whether it’s for a one off delivery or looking to set up something for the long term, we are here to help.