Hiab Deliveries and Rental


When you commission us to make on-off or contracted deliveries for you, you can rest assured you’re in professional hands. We equip our staff with the right skills and equipment to allow them to deliver an efficient and professional service every time.


With the trusted HIAB delivery service from Hayward Transport Ltd, you can rest assured your customers will receive their material on time, even in the hardest to reach places. Our fleet of HIAB trucks are capable of supporting a range of bulk load capacities. Give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can help you offer an efficient delivery service to your customers.


Our fleet of HIAB lorries will help you maintain your track record of on-time deliveries with your customers. You can benefit from our proven experience in this industry. Whether you need a one-off delivery rental or a long term contract, we can help.


Our drivers and operatives hold all the relevant licences and certifications necessary to ensure your lift, transport and off-loading is carried out as safely and efficiently as possible.


Rental Package Comes Fully Manned With Driver/Operator And Full Insurance Cover For The Job.

For Contract Lifts, We Take Care Of All Relevant Paperwork Including Risk Assessments And Method Statements. Our Staff Will Also Perform All The Necessary Activities To Ensure The Lift Is Completed Safely.


We Keep All Our Vehicles And Equipment In Service And Records Are Available For Inspection. This Is Especially Vital For Long Term Contracts To Ensure We Provide You With The Most Reliable Service, Right On Schedule.



Our experience in the industry tells us nothing beats clear, open and professional conversation. Give us a call to talk about your project, and we will give you the best price possible. Whether it’s for a one off delivery or looking to set up something for the long term, we are here to help.